About Us

Welcome to Cracked Polish, where creativity meets self-expression, and every nail becomes a canvas of artistry and joy.

For as long as I can remember, the dream of owning something uniquely mine has fueled my journey. It was during the world's shutdown that my fascination with nail polish truly bloomed. In those moments of isolation, a simple bottle of color became my refuge—a therapeutic escape, a creative haven.

Painting my nails transcended the ordinary; it became a ritual of self-care, a small yet powerful act that brought immense joy. The colors on my nails were not just pigments; they were expressions of resilience and the pursuit of happiness during the darkest days.

What truly elevated this experience was the incredible community of nail artists and enthusiasts that I found. Their warmth, creativity, and kindness became a guiding light. I felt an instant connection, a sense of belonging, and I knew I wanted to contribute to this vibrant world.

A couple of years later, Cracked Polish is born—a brand that encapsulates the spirit of inclusivity, creativity, and the joy of self-expression. Our nail polish is more than just a product; it's a celebration of individuality, a nod to the therapeutic power of beauty, and an invitation to join a community that embraces uniqueness.

As soon as we came up with the name Cracked Polish it just stuck and it felt right. Cracked Polish captures the essence of breaking barriers and forging your own path. The name reflects the belief that imperfections create unique beauty.

At Cracked Polish, we believe that every stroke of color on your nails tells a story—an intimate narrative of your style, personality, and journey. Our indie nail polishes are crafted with care, mixed with love, and designed to inspire.

Join us in celebrating the artistry of nails, the beauty of self-care, and the joy that a tiny bottle of polish can bring. Cracked Polish is not just a brand; it's a reflection of the beautiful community we've become—a community that welcomes everyone to experience the enchanting world of indie nail polish.

Here's to vibrant colors, creative expressions, and the shared love for all things nails. Welcome to Cracked Polish—where your journey to vibrant, joyful nails begins!