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Based on 256 reviews
Stunning Glow 💗 💜

This polish is amazing! I love it so much. Pictures don’t show the depth of the incredible glow it has. I can’t stop looking at my nails. It’s like a light pink foil with a purple glow. A very unique polish. On my short nails, I found this opaque in two coats. The formula is incredible - goes on like a dream. You need this polish! It’s 🔥

Mauve Lip Gloss
Shari Craig
Great polishes

Love my polishes!

Candy Painted
Yudisvell Esteva
Absolutely LOVE this shade!

I am so impressed with how BEAUTIFUL this hot pink shade is. Absolutely LOVE it! I am not one to always wear bright shades but I like that this is a vibrant hot pink without being too much in your face. I love the shimmer. 10/10 formula!

Lazy Like Lilac
Yudisvell Esteva
One of my top favorites from Cracked Polish!

Lazy Like Lilac is one of my top favorite shades from Cracked Polish. It’s such a gorgeous lilac blue shade. I love the glow it has. Formula is 10/10.

Ellen Layer

I don't wear black nail polish, but this mix of black and red is stunning. I've only made a swatch stick, but I look forward to wearing it in the fall. Great formula and perfect brush, not too wide. I will miss the cracked caps as they were perfect for the brand. Thank you.

Awful. Lumpy application and terrible finish

Mascara Flakes
Sarah Weed
The essential black flake topper

I am in love with this black flake topper! The flakes are the perfect size and a single swipe gives a subtle layer of flakes, that I am in love with! I think a white flake topper just like this one would be amazing ;)

This color is unlike any I have purchased. The color reminds me of eggshell paint. Great coverage in two coats. Muted pearlized color that I have gotten many compliments on.

I don’t wear toppers hardly ever, so I don’t buy them hardly ever. I got this one because it’s so cute.

I don’t usually wear a lot of pinks, but had to get this one. It’s so pretty! The brushes are absolutely perfect, too. Paddle brush, but a little on the smaller size so it fits on the nails
better. The stem seems a little shorter, too, so there isn’t as much polish that floods onto the brush.

Twiggy Blue

I love all kinds of blues and this one is lovely. I also love how fast the shipping is. This brand is the absolute fastest at shipping of any brand I have bought from. I’m not just talking about the label being made quickly. They take the packages to the post office quickly, too.

Glorious color!

Great color and great formula. I love the brushes, too. Most of the colors are a little
unique, which I love since I have a lot of polishes.
If you like sales, I am guessing this brand might be for you. I don’t know what sales they will have in the future, but so far, this new indie brand has had more sales then I’ve ever seen an indie polish brand have. Unfortunately for my budget, I’ve missed out on them because I have always bought the day a collection is released and the sales are never held during a regular release. The only time
I was lucky enough to get in on a sale was during one of their extra releases. They often have a release of 1-2 polishes for a holiday or
something special. They released a birthday shade and had a site wide 34% off sale. I got that shade on sale, but already had all the others.



I love this so much I keep looking at my nails!

This just glows - love!!

The Purp

Wow - gorgeous color

Omg love this so much

Can’t wait to try

So pretty

Jokes On You
Shari Craig
Great polish

Love it!

A perfect black flake topper! Lots of variety, and the flakes distribute nicely and evenly.

Gorgeous and glowy! I needed three thin coats.

Spring Sprout
Guest Customer
Delicate and sweet

Really like this cracked polish formula.

Perfect flake size and flow